The following is an interview with Steve Melendez
recorded at the
Staples Center - as they were setting up for
Crosby Stills Nash and Young
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"My name is Steve Melendez and my company name is Steve Melendez. We install acoustical wall covering systems in large and small rooms such as the Staples Center (Sony Studios, the Getty Museum, etc.).  In the original construction of the actual building (the Staples Center) in the technical areas where the films and the audio are sent out to rooms to be properly dealt with, we built two rooms up there, and they were very impressed with what we did with the mastery of the system and the creativity and the good service.

"We were brought out here to the bowl where they had already exhibited a problematic situation with bounce of the sound. So we did a few panels that were done in a selected area. The Eagles had their concert, and the Eagles made comments that were very positive about what was done. Once they did that, they made a decision to have me install the system throughout the cement area in the bowl. So I did a few rooms, came out to the bowl, they did a little experimenting, and I became the answer to their problems.

"In my twenty year experience, I've come to the conclusion that the Wallmate Track System is without a doubt, the one and only system to use for anybody in my field."

Steve Melendez - 2/2000